How many types of Cricut blades are there?

Are you brand new to the world of Cricut and so are confused regarding the different types of blades and their usages? Cast an eye within this article for find an overview of various types of all cricut tools.

The six different Sorts of Cricut blades are:
1. Premium Good sword
• The Premium great blade has become the most versatile Cricut blade.

• It Can Be Used using the Cricut Maker in Addition to the Explore machines.

• It might cut various materials like card stock, faux-leather and also any additional light relayed cloth.

2. Deep Point Blade
• This blade is created of rigid and durable steel.

• It’s utilised to cut on intricate and thicker supplies like chip board, magnets, foam sheets along with such fabrics.

• It works together with both Cricut Maker and Explore Devices.

3. Bonded Material Blade
• As its name suggeststhis blade is just used to cut off fabrics.

• You Are Able to use Bonded Fabric Blade using the Cricut Maker along with the Explore servers.

4. Rotary Blade
• Rotary Blade is like a mini rotating cutter that is used to reduce on fabrics.

• This blade just works together Cricut Maker.

• It can cut some cloth such as denimcotton, corduroy, may it’s thick or narrow.

5. Knife Blade
• Knife Blade is devised to minimize thick materials like wood and matboard.

• It’s possible to use this blade together with Cricut Maker just.

• It can cut stuff with depth upto 2mm.

6. Scoring Wheel
• The scoring wheel is made for crafters who actually do a great deal of card making and paper trimming edge.

• This blade is more compatible just using the Cricut Maker.

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